Application for 1:1 Coaching

Even if you're unsure about affording coaching, taking the time to fill out this application is a great way to get yourself focused on what you really want for your business and what your current obstacles are. 

We'll even email you a copy of your answers to use as a journal entry or a goal inspiration to hang on your bulletin board. 

This application should take you about 15 minutes to complete.

Your completion does not commit you to a coaching package.

It also does not guarantee your acceptance into our coaching program.

When you submit with your application, we’ll be in touch with the next steps within one business day.


By hitting submit, you are indicating that:

"I would like to be considered for coaching. At this point in time, I understand I am only showing interest and am under no obligation to sign up or make payment.

I understand that if it is determined that I appear to be a good fit, I will be invited to have a private conversation with Liz. If I make the commitment to make an appointment, I understand that both my time and Liz's time is very valuable, and I will show up ready for our call. At that time, I can ask questions and clarify anything I don’t understand. I will be free to choose whether or not to sign up for coaching.

If I am invited to sign up for coaching, I am committed to doing everything I need to do to get 100% from the program."


A note from Liz:


"I'm not a saleswoman. I have no interest or talent, to be honest, for convincing anyone to spend money on something they aren't enthusiastic or confident in. So, please don't worry about our phone call as a sales pitch. I just want to get to know you and let you get to know my casual style of doing business. Not all applicants will be the right fit for my style of coaching, so it's absolutely find to have a lovely coffee date with me and walk away none-the-wiser. Cheers! "